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IM Sally Soleil in world for your free upgrade or any questions reguarding the programme.




What is the Fierce Designs Vendor Program?

In a nutshell, it’s a whole Fierce Designs outlet….that’s yours to run and control! After purchasing this programme, all you have to do is place the items that you wish to sell in the pre made Shop (which will be fully modifiable to your custom needs)….and start selling!
What is unique about this affiliate programme is that you can also resell this pack at 50% profit! so you get L$1250 for each friend you refer!!

How does it work?

It is simply a mini Fierce Shop of your very own. Each item that you place has a script in that automatically splits the proceeds of the sale right down the middle, 50/50. This means that YOU get money by simply placing the items down and selling! its your own shop made how you like, but it also has the Fierce Brand behind it, so sales will fly off the shelves!

NOTICE - Each item within the pack is copyable therefore you can make as many shops as you like to maximize sales!

This is a breakdown of how the sale structure could work for you..

Vendor Package – L$ 2500

34 Sales @ L$ 150 (50% split) = L$ 5,000

Refer a friend through your reseller franchise vendor... 4 x L$1250 = L$5000L!!

So after 34 sales or 4 large sales, you will be making profit! Any shop owner will know that this is a very obtainable target in a matter of days…and anything after this will make you money back. Sell the same amount again, and you have made 100% Profit!

There will also be opportunities to add new items when they are released in bundle form – more information on that will be released at a later date. YOU WILL GET ALL NEW ADDITIONS TO THE RESELLER PACK FREE IN YOUR CATAGORY! (IE..YOU BUY THE FULL PACK..YOU GET ALL NEW ADDITIONS....IF YOU BUY THE SEASONAL PACK..YOU GET ALL NEW SEASONAL RELEASES..JUST IM ME!)

What is included in the Vendor Package?

Each FULL vendor package has the following items

1 x Fierce Designs Logo (Copy, mod)
Friend of Fierce logo
1 x Fierce Shop set up (Copy, mod)
Fierce**Friend of fierce premade shop 3 walls one prim
Fierce**Friend of fierce premade shop wall single

1 x Fierce Heart Rug (Copy, mod)
Fierce** Friend of Fierce Pink rug

1 x Fierce Island Landmark giver (Copy, mod)
Fierce**Friend of Fierce Landmark giver

1 x Fierce Designs Sign (Copy, mod)
Fierce**Friend of Fierce logo shop sign

1 x Fierce Designs Magazine Vendor (copy)
Fierce Magazine kiosk - Friend of Fierce

1x Fierce Designs Wallpaper
Friend of Fierce background wall texture

PLUS - 100+ items to sell in SINGLE BOXED VENDORS!!!

Fierce Designs Vendor Items (Copy/mod)

- Normal 1 prim items - 1.5 x 1.5
- Large 10 prim items (Skins, Hair etc...) 3.383 x 2.165 you can resize to suit only! (no texture changing)

MOST of the Fierce Designs Itinerary is included in the vendors for you to pick and choose what you want to sell, ranging from the best sellers to the latest designs. It is totally up to the owner to choose what those items are. I try not to compete with I will be selling different things to you guys :)

How do I use the Vendor package?
It is a very simple process that is outlined in 4 easy steps

1) Rez the package on the ground, right click, and open
2) Copy the package to your inventory in a convenient location
3) Place and drop the items that you need for the shop
4) Grant permissions when EACH vendor asks you to... this means both parties get paid the correct amounts.

If the vendor is blank.. left click it and

It really is as simple as that!

Each of the items are modifiable, which means that you can stretch and place them to suit the size of the location space you have been allotted. This means you can also promote some items bigger to make them stand out and appeal more.

When placing the items, some might appear as Offline. Simply click the item, and press " Go Onlne". This will make the prodcut appear, and will then be able so sell.

The scripts inside the items are no mod, which is why they appear as "No Mod" inside your inventory. You are able to mod the items, however.


Each time that you place one of the vendor items, you will have a yellow pop up screen. You have to allow the object to withdraw lindens from you, or the object will not work. This is very, very important. What it does is allows the script to work and function normally….no other actions take place, and nothing else will happen to your account. This is standard practice for reseller objects, and ONLY applies to those items

A picture of this drop down picture can be seen here, for reference:-


NOTE!! - you can NOT buy something for yourself at half price – the vendor scripts ONLY allow other customers to purchase the items – if you do purchase something from your own vendors the whole amount will go to Fierce Designs.

Affiliates Program

Also set up, is the Reseller Affilates Program. This is a specific vendor within the pack. It is this entire pack you have.... that you can sell onto friends/business partners - and you will get the standard 50% Sell on fee! That means, if you sell it twice, you have made your money back instantly. What could be easier?

It is called " Friend of Fierce Referral vendor" in the pack

Hints and Tips

**Wallpaper – the package comes with a full perm copy of the Fierce Texture…when placing a shop in a mall, the owner will usually texture the walls of the pre standing structure for you, so you wont need to place the walls (meaning more prims for you). Just ask nicely, and pass the texture if they allow it

**Sell to the needs of the customers – if it is a formal area, then sell the more elegant designs…if it’s a more adult genre of people, then sell the Latex gear for example. Of course, this isn’t a direct rule, but it is good practice to know your target clientele.

**Don’t over fill a shop – only place the items that will make the shop look good. Overcrowding the items will make it look untidy and not presentable.

**If there is already a Fierce Vendor / Fierce Outlet at a particular mall, don’t set up a shop there….it will only take up profits from both sides and wont be good for either party. There are plenty of Malls out there on second life to choose from.

**Turn the Hover text default off! Each item is set to hovertext on by default to help with the set up. However...hovertext usually can be seen as off putting and can cause nuisance – so use with caution. It can be easily turned off by going into the menu of the item (by clicking the item itself), and pressing options> hovertext> off.

**It is a good idea to add yourself to the Fierce Designs group, where information and updates will be broadcast through the Notice system. You can be added to the group by visiting the Fierce Designs Island and you will be sent an invite. IM Sally Soleil for any issues.


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