Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking for mainstore space?...I am willing to share :)

Join Fierce Island!...After remodelling my mainstore island and setting up my exisiting amazing renters..I have been left with a plot for another cool designer to share with :)...are you that designer?...if so IM me :)

Fierce Island has been running for 2 years and we are going strong!

The store is prebuilt into the island for a flow of traffic/shoppers. It links directly from my mainstore and from the landing point of the island....My existing co-renters include Outrage..Zibware...Pea-in-a-pod...Jessicas creations...nattys gems and Hair care..The Island is PG and we expect all new editions to our family to promote their store as we all share traffic :)...this is the first place I am putting the word scream if you wanna go faster!!

Click here to see the parcel....then IM Sally Soleil inworld to talk shop x


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