Sunday, October 10, 2010

OuTRage! OuTLet! Halloween Collection - 50% Commission

Share in the fun (and profit!) of the season when you add the OuTRage! Halloween Collection to your own shop, yardsale, or whatever it is you do! :-D you make 50% of ever sale, and items range from L$139 - L$329. Included in the kit are all 13 outfits and costumes, wall and floor textures, OuTRage! Partner OuTLet! store logo, and more! It's everything you need to set up your own OuTRage! OuTLet! PLUS, when you become an OuTRage! Partner OuTLet! today, you become a charter member of the OuTRage! OutLet! Partnership Group, and you will have first pick and priority when we fully affiliate the entire collection!

Get it for L$1 InWorld
Get It for L$1 on the Marketplace


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