Sunday, March 6, 2011

50% Off EVERYTHING @ OuTRage! On Fierce Island

The All New OuTRage! Main Store is FINISHED! And it's set up <3. and to celebrate this much awaited new build -everything in the store is half off until Mar 14!

Teleport Now!

Oh yes, there are also new releases to go with the new store, and yep, they are on sale too!

First is Bunny Hunny - a sexy sporty bunny girl with two tops, one of them peek-a-boo for the sexy times as you like. ;-) Includes a second top with colored bra matching the waistband of the skirtbase/panties. Also includes fishnet leggings, color-cordinated bunny ears, and of course, a fluffy bunny tail! Available in four colors and in a fatpack.

Second style is a play on the classic tuxedo bunny costume, but in a white satin bikini instead of a bodysuit. Includes a ton of bows, cuffs and collar, plus ears and tail. Wear it without the bunny stuff for a sexy bedroom look. This one is on sale for 60L weekends, too, and goes up on Monday!

Teleport to the new OuTRage! Main Store Now!


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