Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skull n Bones hunt Gifts from Fierce Designs!

The Skull n bones hunt is well underway!...but incase you missed it or didn't know about the cool gifts you can find, I am blogging about it here... Fierce Designs is giving away his and hers matching pirate outfits in store.... Just hunt for the 2 treasure chests hidden in the costumes department and in the sales department...and bobs your uncle...etc... Have fun! x fierce land description 2012 FIERCE DESIGNS 16 FREE GIFTS CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE FIERCE DESIGNS MAINSTORE CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT CLICK HERE TO VISIT FIERCE HAIR STORE CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FIERCE DESIGNS BLOG CLICK HERE TO VIEW FIERCE DESIGNS ON XSTREET JOIN ME ON PLURK


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