Friday, October 5, 2012

Which Fierce Designs Witch to choose? NEW RELEASES!!!

OK, These witchere s were officially released today in the Fierce Designs mainstore and they are sooo popular (Thank you all for shopping!!!) In store right now we also have our weekly specials board updated, 3 hunt gifts to collect (see events board) and OCTOBERFEST!!! Come visit!...OCTOBERFEST HERE! Fierce Designs Octoberfest Poster 2012 Come visit!...OCTOBERFEST HERE! These gothic witches also come with gothic boots...all accessories and an animated broom to hover around SL looking generally cool this October!...come on down and grab them today!.... Gothic Witch Red by Fierce Designs Gothic Witch Purple by Fierce Designs Gothic witch pink by Fierce Designs Gothic Witch Orange by Fierce Designs Gothic Witch Green by Fierce Designs Gothic Witch Black by Fierce Designs fierce land description 2012 FIERCE DESIGNS 16 FREE GIFTS CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE FIERCE DESIGNS MAINSTORE CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT CLICK HERE TO VISIT FIERCE HAIR STORE CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FIERCE DESIGNS BLOG CLICK HERE TO VIEW FIERCE DESIGNS ON XSTREET JOIN ME ON PLURK


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