Sunday, November 11, 2012

Introducing the Fiercely Stylish Christmas Hunt

The Fiercely Stylish Christmas Hunt Poster Fierce Designs Presents.. The Fiercely Stylish Christmas Hunt December 15 - 30 2012 Christmas is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. For so long, people have been preparing homes, cooking extravagant or simple dinners, shopping for gifts and of course buying clothes for their Christmas parties or the like; celebrating this joyous event. This December, Fierce Designs will be organizing a hunt to celebrate all that is stylish in Christmas. This hunt will go on for two weeks and will be featuring items which will make your holiday seasons fabulous. Almost anything will go, even past releases, as long as they follow the guidelines & the rules. Mature Content is allowed as long as it is indicated. The most important thing, the content must go along with the theme or go along with Christmas or Holiday Season. This will be an The hunt is open for designers and we encourage everyone to send this around your designer friends. Please make sure you read the following requirements before you decide to be a participant of the hunt! ► The item/s you are to use should go well or fit with the theme which is "Fiercely Stylish Christmas" ► The hunt object may be sold, how much depends on the designer's decision but must be in the range of : 0 - 10 Ls ► This hunt will require you to place a promotional sign in your mainstore, near the landing point. ► When accepted, you will be sent a package with the info you may need, this includes the poster you are to set up in your store ► The hunt items/content itself must be an original creation of the participating designer. There is no tolerance policy for copy botted, ripped content, content stolen from other designers, business in a box, etc. This will also include copyrighted logos/labs/slogans ► This hunt will require you to join our group to participate in this event. You will be invited and informed by the organizer. ► You may use previous releases, or mature content items, as long as it goes with the theme. (mature content-inform organizer) ► Hints for the hunt will be required. This will be needed for the website/blog, but to put it in your store is optional. ► The hunt item must be placed in the object the organizer will send you. We would like to encourage your creativity but it is a must to follow guidelines. If you think you can follow these guidelines and would like to participate, please ask Jaden Hollow for an app to fill out, NO LATER than December 10 2012 fierce land description 2012 FIERCE DESIGNS 16 FREE GIFTS CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE FIERCE DESIGNS MAINSTORE CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT CLICK HERE TO VISIT FIERCE HAIR STORE CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FIERCE DESIGNS BLOG CLICK HERE TO VIEW FIERCE DESIGNS ON XSTREET JOIN ME ON PLURK


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