Monday, February 9, 2015

NEW LOLA TANGO VALENTINES RELEASES (A limited quantity are discounted)!

We have a limited quantity of our brand new valentines releases at a limited time discount price--->>> here's the taxi to grab one before they are gone--->


Blank lee said...

Hello Ms Sally. I figured i would try here next. I've tried getting in contact with you many times now but it seems like your just down right ignoring me. Just waiting till the point that i give up and forget everything. Well I can promise you that is a long ways off. So lets start here. I recently ( and by recent i mean more then a week ago) purchased your shot girl outfit. The one here But sadly it seems to be broken as it is not modify enabled as you have it listed. I would like you to send me a modify enabled working one if you would please. I don't think it would be to hard for you. Seeing as you can send me " updated" one or rather you sent two. Neither of which is modify enabled. I really do see what is so hard about it. But never the less. Till i see you again Ms Sally. Have a good day.

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